When two minds are joined together in the search for truth the ego cannot prevail.

(A course in miracles)

MAPTM – Make Anything Possible.

The MAP methodTM is based on the Process Healing Method of Canadian psychologist Dr. Garry A. Flint.

After reading Flint’s book and studying his work, Colette Streicher successfully adapted his process to the needs of her own clients. When her son Valentin Streicher joined MAP, he systemized the method and developed a protocol as a guidance system for MAP sessions. He became the head trainer of the MAP Coaching Institute through which the method has been successfully propelled to a growing number of coaches and therapists worldwide.

MAP enables the client’s innate wisdom to guide the session and allows the practitioner to act as a facilitator for the process.

It is not necessary to talk much during a MAP session. You don’t need to explain your problem or go into details about an event or experience. All that’s needed, is to bring up the issue or subject, and observe it. The practitioner then gives an instruction to your mind. You relax and observe what’s happening while the brain is rewiring itself.   

Colette says: ‘MAP method is an easy, fast and effective way to find and neutralize unconscious negative beliefs, memories and emotions.’

For more information go to: https://www.mapcoachinginstitute.com/

Maren about MAP: ‘It’s all about giving and receiving, opening up in order to receive.’

What I like so much about the MAP method is that I as a practitioner am giving a session but am not ‘doing’ much. I am facilitating or guiding the client who (re)connects with her or his inner knowledge. Each session feels like making a journey during which the client is no longer the client, and I am not the practitioner. We let go of our identities and with that let our egos disappear and go to a place called consciousness.

I offer MAP sessions online and speak English, Dutch or German.

You can contact me through email or by phone, and I will give you an idea about what a session can do for you and how it all works. You can inform me of what your intentions are and ask me any questions.

When you decide to book your first session I will send you an introduction video you will have to watch prior to our first meeting. After that, you are all set for your first MAP experience.  

A MAP session takes 75 minutes.

Please contact me to book a session and ask for payment options.