‘Playing the game of life’.

The Universal laws, the Rules of Life and the Shadow Principle are the foundation of integrative medicine or holistic health. The pillars of health are built on top of that consisting of Nutrition and Fasting, Movement, Meditation, Regeneration and Breathing.

These pillars, which rather belong to the somatic realm, extend directly to the psyche and have an influence on our spiritual development as well as our relationship to others and the world around us. Naturally, it effects our wellbeing. With psychosomatics you learn to ‘read’ dis-eases and to recognize the opportunities that lay within.  

Studying with Ruediger Dahlke has given Maren a deeper experience and understanding of The Universal laws, the Rules of Life and the Shadow Principle. She incorporates this knowledge in her sessions.

Since his adolescence Ruediger Dahlke has been enjoying a  vegetarian diet. It is more than 10 years ago he changed to a whole food plant-based lifestyle. Not only did he feel the benefits himself, he also witnessed numerous successes with clients and readers of his books once they adapted to what he calls Peace Food. Today, these positive effects have been proven by extensive studies and research. Peace Food is much more than whole food plant-based eating. Much like Dahlke’s approach with regard to integrative health, it works not only on a physical level, but reaches deeper down to the level of the soul as well as the fields we are living in, the world with its phenomena we are all facing.

In 2013 Maren translated the German book into Dutch. 

For more articles and info in English: https://www.dahlke.at/international-editions