As a young girl my life was fulfilled with the desire to become a professional ballet dancer.  During my final years at the Conservatory where I studied dance I also became interested in the human psyche and started reading books from C. G. Jung (Memories, Dreams, Reflections) and R. Dahlke (such as The Healing Power of Illness, co-author T. Dethlefsen) .

After having danced for five years in Amsterdam I ended up moving to Zürich, Switzerland because of a contract with the Ballet of the Opera House. One of the first things I did upon arrival was go to Küsnacht and visit the house of Jung. Out of curiosity I later visited a Jungian therapist to undergo sessions myself. I was fascinated by Jung’s concepts such as the Shadow and the (Collective) Unconscious. Little did I know that soon my life would turn upside down, forcing me to take a good look at my own shadow and understand the rules of life.

My dancing career came to an abrupt end and some years later, after having lived and studied (Performing Arts Administration) in New York, I returned back to Amsterdam where I started working as a Gyrotonic (movement) instructor and met my life partner, the father of my daughter. Together we visited numerous seminars of Ruediger Dahlke and completed his Psychosomatic Healing education.

The MAP method has given me a tool to assist others in reconnecting with their joy and happiness. It is my own life experiences and all of the knowledge that I’ve accumulated along the way, that gives the sessions a personal and unique touch.

Since a few months I’ve been having MAP sessions regularly with Maren. The therapy with her has allowed me to explore profound dimensions of my inner space and access a meditative state in which a feeling that all is possible arises.
The way she carries me through the sessions with her calmness, knowledge and keen intuition, allows the client to feel totally free. She generates an atmosphere of trust that makes it very easy to dive into the MAP sessions effortlessly.
I enjoy so much the sessions with her that it feels like it is a real treat to myself that also brings me a feeling of inner peace and deeper insights afterwards.
I highly recommend the experience!